February 17, 2010

Of Hyacinth Blooms

My soul begged for a bit of spring last night as I trumped through the snow speckled streets of Boston. I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few needed items and could not resist grabbing a bunch of hyacinths. Their vibrant, purple aroma taunted me with tidings of spring. I hurried home to bring these flowers to refreshment. Trimming the stems over the kitchen sink, I lingered in the floral scent floating up from the half-opened buds. Ah, Spring is my season. It renews me, reinvigorates my spirit. A period of pure, sweet-smelling moments that lifts me to a place of magical thinking. I put the flowers in a vase on my bedside table - a perfect placement. The aroma of spring hung in the air as I drifted to sleep, dreaming of scenes colored in purple and perfumed in notes of the coming season.


  1. This is such a pretty picture! Hyacinth are my favorite-smelling flowers! I have a bunch of bulbs I forgot to plant before the ground froze :( oh well. Have a wonderful day, Emily! xo

  2. Ah. Funny story, one of my favorite memories of visiting Boston before I moved here last summer was buying a bunch of bright pink daisies and taking them back to the hotel with me. Completely silly, but it made me fall in love with the city a little bit more :)


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