December 21, 2009

Lit Love: Karin's Christmas Walk

Christmas is a time to snuggle in with the ones you love and enjoy the magical stories you've read every year. One of my favorite books is Karin Christmas Walk (Dial Books, 1980) by Susan Pearson with illustrations by Trinka Hakes Noble. It's a story of a young girl in Minnesota who walks through her town to get groceries on Christmas Eve in anticipation of her Uncle Jerry arriving for the holidays. A basic plot line, but rich with illustrations and descriptions of her snowy walk. The mood set by the snowy day and her quaint interactions with various town people connote a sense of those simpler days of yore. My parents live in such a town, which makes the Christmas holiday all the more special for me when I visit from the big city.

I can walk from our house into town to purchase groceries at the local market, grab a yummy coffee, and skate on the town green, which is lit up with twinkling holiday lights. I grew up in a two hundred year-old farm house in the Maine woods, which was lovely and quiet, but it's nice to now have the experience of a quaint town during this magical time of the year!

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