December 16, 2009


Friends, it's been quite a week. One where my mind traveled to other places besides my beloved Marginalian. This week - full of meetings, kind, smart people, life decisions, and a crescendo-ing of the holidays. Coming out on the other side, I find myself weary and feeling older in a good way. Older not just because of the busyness, but perhaps as a passage into a new part of my life. All good things come to an end. New things, new perspectives begin. I am trying to steer my life towards as many positives as possible, to embrace the gifts I am given daily. I want the next part of my life to ignited with an energy and a hope for better living. This is a promise to myself.

Sorry for the somewhat cryptic nature of this post. You'll know more soon! Until then, I wish you all, dear friends, many of whom I have never met but who, I feel, are kindred spirits, a peaceful and joyous weekend!


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