November 4, 2009

Walden Pond

"Let us first be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores. Do not stay to be an overseer of the poor, but endeavor to become one of the worthies of the world."
~Henry David Thoreau, Walden (1854)

I awoke to a gorgeous sunny November day and all I wanted was to sit on the shores of Walden Pond in Concord, Mass, and read my book or write in my journal. This place is surely a heaven on earth and I am so lucky to live close enough to make the occasional trip. Here, it is quiet. And you feel Thoreau's spirit, his desire for the simple life. The fresh, natural aroma of unadulterated nature and the vibrant coloring on the trees ease the tangles in my heart. This is one of my homes!

Listening to "Harvest Time" from the Little Women soundtrack matches the feeling you get when visiting this natural place.

Image found here. And I discovered from Amy of Old Sweet Song. Thanks, Amy!


  1. WOW, how ethereal. I would love to relax in a lovely spot like that!

  2. What a magical, yet simple place for amazing inspiration! Now I wish the palm trees here changed colors too in the fall.

  3. oh divinity. that sounds like perfection.

  4. lovely pic of a beautiful place! :)


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