November 3, 2009


November is special time. A prelude to the holidays. The height and eventual descent of this autumnal moment. It is somber and austere, a scene of suddenly bare branches, crisp, dry air, odoriferous from decaying leaves. It is a time to remember all that we have lost and all the we have. As well as a time to remember, November is also a month where I first feel the magic of the approaching holidays (my favorite being Thanksgiving). Having all the excitement and togetherness of the upcoming celebrations is often better then the actual thing (I definitely feel that way about Christmas). In this month, I will also break out the Harry Potter soundtracks and reread a few of the books (and wishing they still released them around Thanksgiving - seeing them at this holiday was always a family tradition). This is a good time of the year and I am enjoying and feeling gratitude for every moment!

Image found here.


  1. Oh, I feel the excitement building. That photo is fabulous. I'm loving this season as well! So much to be looking forward to!

  2. as a canadian, it's hard to imagine thanksgiving being so close to christmas!!

    oh harry. i've been meaning to re-read the whole story from start to finish {i got the boxed set for my 21st birthday & almost wept!}. maybe over christmas holidays!

  3. Such an amazing time of year and this image is so breathtaking. I saw it on Sabino the other day and instantly faved it.


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