September 9, 2009

Get Cool

{The Jets "getting" cool in the Broadway revival of West Side Story}

I wanna get even!

Get cool!

I wanna bust!

Bust cool!

I wanna go!

Go cool!

I know that I have been posting about West Side Story A LOT, but I have fallen back in love with this tale (it happens every year or so)! I was listening to the song "Cool," which is sung by Ice in the film version and Riff in the new Broadway revival. Not only is this a snappy song to dance around your room (who, said anything about dancing? ;) ), but the lyrics are so applicable to life. I've often been in tense situations where it felt as easy as pie to blow my top in frustration and even anger. It's an instinctual, purely human reaction. However, the song lyrics remind me that the person who is calm and in control always has the upper hand in a situation, being able to think and act clearly and rationally. A hot-headed individual will not be able to "win" and possibly end up hurting himself or others in the process, which is what inevitably and horrifically (spoiler alert!) happens to the characters of Riff, Bernardo, and Tony. I think the song is a great mantra to chant if you ever find yourself in a heated moment.

A video of the 1961 film version of "Cool," sung by Tucker Smith (Ice) and the Jets:

Image can be found here.

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