September 9, 2009

Fall "Made" Right

Though it's still the beginning of September and summer's official end is weeks away, I am getting excited for the cozy, delicious tastes, smells, feelings of fall. In particular, I am thinking about the wonderful clothes to wear in the fall - sweaters, scarves, boots, wool skirts, and my favorite...TIGHTS! Madewell's Fall line (from last year) is just what I am looking to wear this autumn. In particular, I am inspired buy the luscious tall brown riding boots on the left photo, paired with skinny jeans, a sweater vest, and colorful scarf! All I need to complete this outfit are the boots! Below, you'll see some tasteful outfits that include my fall/winter staple of tights. I am so excited for fall fashion!

Image can be found here.

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  1. YES! We are clearly on the same wavelength! :)


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