August 6, 2009

Supreme Sotomayor

Another sign that good and fair times are here is the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as the 111th Supreme Court Justice. She is the third woman and the first Hispanic to assume this role. I watched her Senate hearings last month before I made my final opinion of her. I was very impressed with her unemotional, intelligent responses to the bating questions from certain Mid-Western senators (you know who you are, Tom Coburn). I think her insight and tough rationale will be a valuable addition to our Supreme Court. One hopes that, should the need arise for another Justice to be appointed, President Obama will continue to balance the Court with varied, yet reasoned individuals instead of the old white boy's Court additions from the Bush administration. See below an example of Sotomayor's coolly calculated responses to Senator Coburn's queries on gun control.

Video found here. Image found here.

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  1. valuable, indeed! happy weekend to you too! xo, erin


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