August 10, 2009

Mondays Are For Strength

This picture made me think of the lovely gardens my parents have designed in the backyard of their house in Maine. They are such excellent gardeners and sadly, I did not really inherit that green thumb. Green turns to brown in my care. Perhaps someday, when I have my own home and yard, I will be pleasantly surprised with a new found talent for green things. For now, I deal in plastic potted plants from Ikea. I can still enjoy the lushness of the real thing, which I did this past weekend at home. I recuperated and enjoyed the company of my family, which always puts my mind at ease.

However, now it is Monday. Oh, the strength Monday mornings requires in order for one to muster through. You come off the sweet bouquet of a weekend, where you spent time with the ones you love, doing all the activities that define who you really are -- things that sync with your soul. And then Monday's here and you have to get up early, get dressed promptly, commute, and arrive at work where the mundane existence and the insufferable office politics slam into your body. Negative Nancy, I know.

I wish that I didn't always fall so far from the high of the weekend. I recently read this article, the tale of a woman experiencing a troubled marriage. Instead of giving in to her husband's request for divorce, she stands up to him, calling his situation for what it is: a selfish mid-life crisis. She wants him to go do his thing and then come back when he's finished. She shows such strength and a pragmatic view of her situation, it almost seems that she has transcended her humanity. I read this article and thought: no human could go into a situation that level-headed. For me, it's so easy to be brought down by a negative environment.

This article reminded me of something that I already knew deep down inside: the only thing we really have control over is our reaction, our happiness. We control ourselves. That's it. It's common sense and yet, I so often forget this fact and blame my surroundings for my unhappiness. Granted, I am not dealing with a husband who's trying to leave me. Her woes are far beyond my daily experience. But the article prompted me to think about finding the happiness within myself. I am so inspired by her example. I am reminded of the quote: be the change you want to see in the world. There are no truer words for me right now.

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