July 9, 2009

Pour l'amour d'un oeuf

About month ago I began to experience this incredible craving for eggs that has turned into quite a pattern. They are so utterly delicious and fulfilling to me. I have a particular penchant for egg sandwiches, yummy doses of eggs, scrambled or sunny-side up with a slices of fresh tomatoes, Havarti, Brie, or Cheddar cheeses (maybe just one cheese at a time though!). Also, any kind of omelet sounds just delightful to me. A favorite meal of mine is breakfast for dinner, which is what I will be having this evening. I found a savory-looking Nigella Lawson recipe for a Corsican Omelet on a blog called, Savour Fare. I just bought some tasty chèvre that should be quite nice for my egg dish du jour!

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