May 4, 2009

Lucky, Lucky

I have not posted in eons due to a bout of the flu (no swine involved), traveling to Florida for business, and moving to a new apartment (now living with some of my favorite people!)! I am now returning to the blogosphere with a new post about some beautiful earrings that I have just won on a monthly giveaway! I wanted to win them so badly and was planning on purchasing them if I didn't win! But I did, which has been the perfect start to my week!

These are made by designer Pearl Bhasin for her label mayaruhi, which she sells on Etsy (a girl's answer to unique jewelry and a way to support talented artists all over the world). Recently, I purchased two pairs of Chic and Unique Hoop Earrings, one for me and one for my mom for Mother's Day! These are exquisite pieces that are reasonably priced and come in the nicest packaging (the earrings are placed in a gauzy brown pouch in a golden brown box).

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