April 8, 2009

Remains Of Romanticism

A recent Vanity Fair article, "There Will Be Beauty," discusses the notion of opulence in the austere face of "these uncertain times." The masses are shunning conspicuous consumption. Those who practice frugality and prudence are considered in vogue. Harper's Bazaar asks what will people wear with now tighter purse strings. The mag provides a melange of recessionary fashion tips: less is more, cleaner lines, conservative style. Ugh. Quite frankly, I detest the word conservative. It connotes many ugly things in this world. I am in the business of pretty things, romantic things like the dress worn by actress, Emily Blunt in her Vanity Fair photo shoot above (I am seriously jealous of Ms. Blunt, who not only gets to don some positively gorgeous gowns for the shoot but also dates John Krasinski...not fair).

A.A. Gill's article is a lovely confection that muses over the elaborate elegance of recent couture designs. It celebrates the importance of retaining the elegance and rococo-like approach to living. Gill asks these important questions:

Do we really and truly want a world without couture? Are we willing to throw away what we have on top of what has already been lost? Is there no place for the exclusive and the beautiful? For the hysterically indulgent? And the superbly crafted?

We should always have extremes in order to achieve a balance. I see myself as a Romantic, but at times, I also crave minimalism. We always need the option to bring the ostentatious to the table. Extravagance is humanity in its most manifested state. These days, I feel like we are pulling into ourselves, curtailing expression and free-flowing beauty so critical to our beings. While I am not advocating for constant garishness, a smattering of gaiety, here and there, will sustain us and flower our lives until the cultural climate is more amenable to flamboyant humors.

Check out some of my favorite gowns from Ms. Blunt's photo shoot (all photos are courtesy of Vanity Fair.com):

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