February 25, 2009


Yesterday, I had an epiphany. I chose a favorite color: YELLOW! I have never taken a stand and chosen a favorite color in my life. And now, when people ask me (which they do a lot for some reason), I can answer without hesitation. Why did I chose this color? I don't know. Perhaps because it's bright, cheerful, the color of sunlight, the color of my favorite sweater...that will still probably change on a daily basis.

"Yellow" by Coldplay is hands down one of my favorite songs. And I don't really know why. Just like Chris Martin, in a recent interview, did not give a reason why he wrote the song:

"Your very first album…you had a world wide hit, in 'Yellow,'" Kroft noted. "What's it about? F… knows," Martin replied. "I've got no idea. I still think about that every day." "I love playing it. I love the tune. I love the chords. I love the balloons that we use live. But I still can't quite work out what it's about," he said, laughing.

I like that you can love something without reason. I believe that reason removed defines true love.

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