February 24, 2009

Bus Boy

His name (until I can actually strike up a conversation with him) is Bus Boy. Do you ever just see someone and think, "Hmm, based on my physical attraction to you, you look like the type of person with whom I would want to be?" Well, I had that experience with a young gentleman this morning as I rode the crosstown bus to work. I had seen him before on our daily commute, but only casually considered him. He looks like the long lost brother of Joseph Fiennes, except that he has a dirty blond crew cut. He is tall and slight, always wearing a grey corduroy coat, jeans, and brown shoes. Today, he had on a grey striped scarf. His attire rarely suits the weather conditions as this morning held a brutal chill that threatened to peel the skin off my face. Anyways, what struck me on this starkly cold morning were his large, round blue eyes that stared intently at me as we boarded the bus. He was blocked from my vision by other passengers during the bus ride, which was fine because I probably wouldn't have looked at him anyways since I don't want to be creepy. However, when I exited the bus, we locked eyes again. I can tell there's something different because most times when I make eye contact with guys we both look away, but today, with Bus Boy, our eyes literally locked and I almost tripped down the bus stairs because I wasn't watching my step. It was, in a cliched word, romantic. This moment filled me with sudden sense of hope and warmth. I may never see him again or, if I ever do meet him, he may turn out to be a not-so-nice guy. However, in the here and now, I am happy with the thought that there is a cute boy out there whom I see occasionally and who seems like someone I might want to be with.

P.S. I would like to write about items more serious and cerebral than dating, dresses, and dudes in upcoming posts. However, these things are just so much fun to talk about! Bright spots in these uncertain times.

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