May 24, 2012

Provence (Avignon)

After roaming the streets of Paris for several days, I longed to breathe cleaner air and maintain a slower pace.  Lucky we had tickets booked on the fast train to Provence - Avignon.  It roared through the French countryside, speckled with tiny, old towns and herds of sheep, with the Rhone Alps in the distance.  We arrived and walked A LONG WAY to our inn, a small establishment tucked in one of the many winding streets of Avignon (most famous for the Pont D'Avignon and the Palais de Papes, where the Vatican ruled in the fourteenth century). We spent two nights there, enjoying the Provencal pace and gorgeous Spring sunshine.

View from below the Palais de Papes

Rhone Alps in the distance

Somebody is not paying attention

Sur le Pont D'Avignon...

Walking up to the Palais de Papes

My camera was snatched by my mum!

French dogs are tres chic

Reminded me of the Sound of Music


Palais de Papes
My favorite dinner of the whole trip at L'Epices and Love

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