April 8, 2012

A Spring Weekend

An Easter lily from my beau
The fragrance from this delicate flower perfumed my apartment in the spirit of the Easter season!

Spicy Mexican Pizza from We the Pizza
A Saturday evening meal with friends in Capitol Hill. I finally tried out We the Pizza with their homemade sodas and freshly made pizza!

DC United Game At RFK Stadium
I finally checked out RFK stadium by attending a DC United soccer match (they tied to Seattle Sounders 0-0) with some work girlfriends. We laughed raucously and had merry time!

An evening Easter service at St. Matthew's in DC
 Easter Sunday in Virginia was gorgeously sunny and 70 degrees! I went to an evening service at St. Matthew's Cathedral near Farrugut North in DC with a friend. The evening was a perfect temperature. I arrived early so I strolled around the neighboring streets to enjoy the luscious spring blooms.

Strolling by the Uzbekistan Embassy before church
 Just an absolutely lovely spring evening.

Easter outfit
I took this sly shot of my Easter dress to share with family, but those who read this little blog are my family too! Happy Easter!

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