November 9, 2011


Random picture I took of the NYC skyline THREE years ago (I thought it went with the "star" theme of this post
Listening to NPR's 24-7 Music Live Stream has literally been the only thing standing between me and a mental breakdown this week. That and lattes from Starbucks, which is the only decent coffee place near my office. FOR REALS, so don't think that I've sold out or anything (although I just received my Starbucks Gold Card in the mail so MAYBE I HAVE).

But seriously, this music stream has exposed me to all kinds of new tunes, which I totally dig. This week's discoveries include The Innocence Mission, the Black Keys, and Stars.

Prepare yourself for a cliche: their music speaks to me. This music has been manna to a blank, confused soul.

For my whole life,  you ask me: books or music? I say books. But lately, I feel like my answer would undoubtedly be music. It's just where its at right now.

Here's three songs that are the real deal for me this week:


  1. ahaha I'm laughing because I always rag on Starbucks....and yet I, too, just received their gold card in the mail *hangs head in shame, but secretly proud*

    Oh well! Weeks like this, I think just having coffee is the point, not so much the origins.

    Only two days left until the weekend, hang in there!

  2. Thanks for sharing Emily! I am always looking for new music to enjoy, especially for the time I spend driving or on the train.

  3. I've been listening to NPR's music on and off... so many good tunes! I always discover something new while listening to it, too.


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