October 8, 2011


Sometimes I have these moments where I stop and hold my breath, not able to go another moment without knowing what I want to do with my life. To have some certain direction that I can own and feel my passion emanate from the choice.

As frustrating as these feelings are, they are such an incredible luxury.
How luxurious to have taken my time in choosing my path, always knowing that even though it felt too late, it never was.

Not even one hundred years ago, a woman in my position in this country could not vote. A woman in my class would most likely work as a teacher or a maid or some sort of house worker until she married and had a familly. Today, a woman my age in Ethiopia or Afghanistan most likely has little or no education, four or five children to support, an absent or present, but oppressive husband.

And here I am, at the ripe side of 26, single, independent and the greatest concern I have is what I am going to do with my life.

I am annoyed just reading this. I hope you are too.

Because I am through.

But there is nothing drastic I can do right now. It would ruin so much that I have built and I want to be smarter than that. I have to plan and be a little bit patient to get it right.

In the interim, however, I can act. I can take that $25 I was going to spend on new shoes and invest it here. In a group of women, who know their talents and see a way to supporting themselves and their families. And that right there is doing something with my life today.

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