July 2, 2011


It's been a while, my friends. I have not felt the blog itch tickle my mind in quite some time. Sure, I will snap a photo of a new cooking experiment or a special scene, but a post never fully forms in my mind, let alone appear in this space.  I realize that I only really come to this space when I need something from it. When I need to pour my heart out in this public journal. Sure, I could write about my thoughts in my actual journal (a lovely one designed by Jewels), but I blog to share my thoughts and see if other people resonate with them.
Another truth to admit: for the past month or so, I have felt unwell. That's the best way to describe it. It started with stomach troubles while traveling to NYC for my friend's wedding. The following week - a super hot one in DC - I felt progressively better and more lively. The next week, however, I was knocked flat on my back with weariness and the return of tummy troubles. I should clarify that I have the most immensely fickle stomach ever, and it flares up when I least expect it. And at this point, if you lasted to this point, you might be thinking TMI!. 
ANYWAYS, whatever this thing was seems to have subsided thanks to some remedies. And I believe I am on my way to having more energy than I have had in long time. Once more I feel I can step out into the world, which includes the blogging world!
So, hello again to the dear few who frequent my blog! I wish you and your families and friends a happy Fourth of July weekend!! 


  1. Great to hear from you! I completely understand not feeling the need to post because I've been taking a break myself. But remember that we love hearing from you!!!

  2. oh goodness. i do hope you feel better and continue to feel better. nothing worse than feeling unwell--really tries every part of one's soul.

  3. Glad to have you back in the blog world :) And I hope you continue to feel better....stomach troubles are the worst! Enjoy the long weekend!! xx

  4. Sorry you've been feeling under the weather :( but I'm glad to hear that you've been feeling better lately! Have a great 4th!


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