July 26, 2011


The view from Five Islands Lobster Co
A scrumptious shrimp salad with fresh greens, blueberries, strawberries, oranges, and poppy seed dressing
Harpswell Harbor at Sunset - Summer Perfection
My parents' beautiful garden. Their green thumbs never cease to amaze me.
Me picking flowers in the garden. I cannot recall a time where I was more relaxed. I love Maine in the summer.
Mae.  No explanation needed.
Isabelle. One tired, hot kitty.
My family's secret beach (there's never anyone there!). 
Parents picking sea lavender (only looks like lavender - no smell)
I love Maine!

I'm back from a week in Maine. Well, first, an Indian wedding in Boston with all my lovely college friends and then home for a week with my dear family. Goodness but I am a blessed girl. The week was full of sunshine, sweet parents, adorable animals, soul-inspiring food, and moments of pure simplicity and authentic living. I was so relaxed and in love with the Maine summer (much easier to idealize when one lives in sweltering Northern Virginia). The experience sealed the fate that I will one day return to live in the country, and, most likely, that country will be in Maine. It's tattooed on me somewhere that I must return. I constantly feel that dream of owning a little house in the woods and spending my weekends adventuring to seaside 'scapes or mountain abodes (with my kayak and bike strapped to my car). Someday!


  1. So jealous of both the Indian wedding (I've never been to one but always wanted to go!) and the time in Maine! We were in Maine last summer but I'd love to go back!

  2. Hi Emily...
    Your blog makes me feel close to you and your Mom and Dad....so many miles apart we are...but always so close in friendship. Thanks for sharing your life...

  3. Your week in Maine looks absolutely amazing - peaceful and relaxing! I need a week up there! Thanks, as always, for your sweet comment today, my lovely friend! Hope you've had a great start to the week! xoxo


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