May 5, 2011

Views from the Apartment

My apartment is what might be called "close to finished," so I thought I would share some snaps. The one above is of my living area. The centerpiece of this space is my red loveseat, which is a perfect mix of classic elegance and pure comfort. I love this sofa - it is the perfect cuddling piece.  Next to the sofa, we have my antique shop find - a green oval side table.  Behind the sofa, I have a black and white screen to separate my "bedroom" from the "living room." The color scheme for my apartment decor has ended up being: reds, blacks, blues, and greens. Quite unintentional, and yet, it works.

 Across from the sofa sits a fabulous chair that I call my "seaweed" chair. Okay, it kind of looks like zebra print, but up close it feels more like seaweed. And on the chair, I sat a pillow I made from cloth with a sea star design (more close ups and the pillow back story in a future post). I also hung my huge framed Renoir painting. The black frame contrasts nicely with the cream walls.

 I found this darling pouf ("mini" ottoman) to fit perfectly in the small space. It works as an ottoman and also a "coffee table" when I put a large art book on top. Eventually, I hope to get a tray to put down when entertaining guests.

 My bedroom is behind the screen with my white iron bed and "bedside table," which is an antique white chair once owned by my great grandmother. And the quilt. My mother MADE me that quilt and gave it to me when she visited a few weeks ago (more on that in a future post). Is the amazing OR WHAT?!? I will always be the luckiest girl just by the fact of having my mother in my life.

 Down the way from my bed is my "dining room," which is quite cluttered in this photo, but I was trying to give you a REAL sense of what it usually looks like!

And finally my kitchen, which I spiced up with a West Side Story movie poster and a vintage apron. I also put a little cherry blossom lamp (not shown) in the corner to cast a cozy light while I cook. I have little splashes of cherry blossoms throughout the apartment, a small homage to Japan as the horrific events of the March 11 earthquake occurred as I was building my life here in DC.  The apartment also includes a full bathroom, walk-in closet, and hall closet - overall, a great, comfy space that certainly suits my needs these days.

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