February 8, 2011

Real Love

I saw Blue Valentine over the weekend. Wow. It ripped at a deep part of myself -- to see these heart-wrenching lovers. You feel the weight of their lives and see their struggle to meet on the same plateau. So much of themselves and their history gets in the way. It was beautifully sad.

In other news, starting work again has been so great but so exhausting. I haven't felt altogether blog inspired lately - my mind is preoccupied with new job, new city, finding a permanent place to live - so this space might be quiet in the next few weeks.

Image found here.


  1. I'm going to see this Friday; I can't wait! I hope you're having a great week in your new city!! XOXO

  2. ughhhhh i want to see this! i'm praying it's on ice films for me to download otherwise i think i'm going to have to wait for my trip back to the states...in september.

  3. i've been wanting to see this movie - is it super sad? I can handle a little sad, but not a lot sad. best of luck with all your life endeavors coming up!


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