January 10, 2011

A Weekend of Kindred Spirits

{Three good friends out for Ingrid's birthday last summer}
There was a significant portion of my life (middle school to the end of high school), where I did not really have the kindred spirit-type friends that I had always longed for ever since I read Anne of Green Gables. I suppose that's normal for many people. We are in such a state of development in those years that it can be challenging to have meaningful relationships.

However, college and after has been such a transforming experience for me in terms of the incredible people I have met! Two of those people, Emily and Ingrid, came to visit me in Maine this weekend! It was so lovely to be surrounded by such soulful people my own age! We shopped, we dined, we relaxed and watched trashy television, and we had leisurely, soul-reviving conversations. I can honestly say that one of the greatest privileges in life is to have simple, yet meaningful times with good people.

In contrast to the relaxing weekend, life has kick started in full force this Monday and I am working to keep up with it! Hope you all are having a lovely Monday!


  1. sounds like a wonderful and memorable weekend! hope you have a great monday :)

  2. it's really a luxury to have kindred spirit friends...so glad you found yours! Happy Monday!


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