November 22, 2010

Blog Must-Reads: My Suitcase Heart + a rolling stone

{One of dani's stunning cards from her shop}

One of the most rewarding things about blogging is encountering true kindred spirits! Two of my favorite blogs are janis' my suitcase heart and dani's a rolling stone. And ironically, both are good friends in real life!  janis uses gorgeous photographs to depict her charming life:  her jolly adventures, sweet boyfriend, and adorable family. dani records her intelligent, soulful musings and photographs from her world travels. dani also has a delightful card shop, dani press that features original photographs and spot-on sentiments.

I recently won some of dani's artful cards from a giveaway on janis' blog, which gave me such glee! I was so joyful when the little package arrived from dani last week! Part of me wants to share the meaningful cards with close friends and part of me wants to frame them for my own! Either way, they are lovely and I highly recommend you frequent dani's shop as well as her and janis' blogs!

{A wee package arrives!}


  1. oh emily, this is so sweet! thanks so much! i appreciate the little shout-out. i'm so happy you won the giveaway :)

  2. i second janis, and say THANK YOU, mate. i really feel blessed to know you and my dearest friend janis.
    and thank you for supporting dani press! so stoked!


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