August 3, 2010

Character Icon: Giada de Laurentiis

She offers some of the most delectable Italian recipes in the world and flashes one of the most brilliant smiles on television every week for her Food Network show, "Everyday Italian." She's Giada de Laurentiis and she's my Character Icon for this week!

I chose Giada because of a conversation I had with my mom a few weeks ago. My mom had mentioned that she always observes different people - some she knows personally and some public figures - and tries to emulate aspects of their personality that she admires. During this same conversation, she suggested that I look at Giada - someone who exudes such enthusiasm for what she does.

If you read the preface of her cookbooks, Giada talks volumes about her supportive family and their encouraging her to follow her passion: cooking. Her happiness holds authenticity because she has followed her heart and does what she loves. Hers is an enviable position. In looking at pictures of her in her cookbooks, she appears so ignited.

In that moment, I realized that I wish to emulate this same energy and joy. I set a personal goal to smile more in the hopes that my face will one day be primarily constructed by a smile large enough to showcase my whole life's happiness.

Not only is Giada enviable for her vivacious personality, but also her awe-inspiring repertoire of Italian recipes. I have been pouring through Giada's cookbooks this week and think I may try my hand at the Saffron Orzo with Shrimp from "Everyday Italian," a variation of which can be found here.

Image found here.


  1. Giada is such a joy to watch! I love the warmth and optimism of her personality.

  2. yup love her. she is my idol!!!

  3. There is almost no greater gift a life can contain than a passion.

  4. I LOVE her! 'Giada's Kitchen' is one of my go-to cookbooks! xo


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