July 27, 2010

Summer Feet

My life's rhythm has been slow and steady as of late - driven by warm summer days, delicious, locally-grown meals, and time spent in the company of loving people. Such fortune can surely mend the spirit and ease the strain on tendons, taut from a profusion of stress.

I think only when you start to return to the person you were, or rather, the person you truly are, can you see how far you had fallen. And then you can truly and humbly give thanks for the chance to mend your life and seek the spot you are truly meant to occupy. You also realize that it could have been so much worse and it is much worse for others. And then you appreciate each gift, something as simple as being able to see through your own eyes or have a vacuum cleaner that works.

I plan to take nothing for granted and focus on the many blessings I have been given. One of these blessings is this little blog and the incredible people I have found through this space. It has been such a surprise and I think surprises like these are some of the best that life has to offer.

Now that I am righting myself, I hope to be here more and to visit other wonderful blogs more frequently. I hope to learn how to better tend this space and grow it to its full potential.

But one day at a time. For now, I am enjoying the chance to write these few words, to have such special friends to read them, and to have the sweetest puppy in the world at my feet.


  1. i love this... i always will miss the person i used to be but i love the person i have become. i hope one day to have some of my old self back. (i want to trust every move i make like i did in high school... and stop trying to please EVERY person around me) but i love that i am bold now and that i no longer hate my body. i think this is just the way life goes!

  2. you really capture the love of simple things we too often take for granted. happy summer - sounds just lovely* xx, Jane

  3. I love this photo of you and sweet mae! xo

  4. I SO needed to read this! My heart thanks you. Really, your timing is impeccable. ☺

  5. lovely post and I agree with you. Best to stay grounded!

    ps I have some earrings up for grabs on my blog. Check it out!



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