May 14, 2010

Lancelot and Guenvere Take to the Screen Once More

{Nero and Redgrave in Letters to Juliet}

I had not planned to see Letters to Juliet. It seemed to be just another manufactured romantic comedy. And doe-eyed, sprightly Amanda Seyfried always seems too eager to me in her roles. However, when I learned that Italian actor Franco Nero and British actress Vanessa Redgrave would be in the film, I changed my mind. These are the actors who played Lancelot and Guenevere, respectively, in the 1967 film version of Camelot (also starring the late and incomparable Richard Harris). A romance was kindled between the two actors during the filming of the movie. Two years after the film, they had a son together. Redgrave had divorced her husband Tony Richardson, who had left her for French actress Jeanne Moreau. Such international affairs!

Over the next forty years or so, the pair had an on-again, off-again romance, eventually marrying in 2006. Forty three years later, Redgrave and Nero return the big screen for Letters to Juliet. I love the romance of reuniting these two lovers/actors when they clearly have incredible chemistry and talent to offer the film. See a clip below for an example of their Camelot chemistry.

An excerpt from an interview about the movie:

"So why did they decide to finally tie the knot?

'I always loved her,' he says.

'I did love him,' adds Redgrave.

'I think when you become a little bit older, I think you become wiser,' says Nero."

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  1. Now I have to see BOTH of these! How do you always know the coolest facts about films? :) xoxo


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