April 13, 2010

Person | Place

Do you ever think of a place as a person? I do. For me, Boston is the type of person you know so well that it takes no effort at all to be with him...sometimes to the point that he becomes kind of a bore. His good days, his bad days, his quirks, likes, dislikes, gamut - all predictable. You feel safe with him, sure, but just not excited.

Knowing every little habit and tick of this city means you become annoyed when he refuses to change or when he does that one thing that really irks you (like blowing crazy wind up your skirt whenever you walk anywhere or be fashionably homogeneous). Some women prefer a man who's predictable, safe, the eternal prep. Well, ladies, have I got a city for you!

Seriously, it's endearing how much he tries to change and yet, he never quite makes it like that renaissance chap, New York City (don't ask me why these two cities are male and Los Angeles is a female as I don't make the rules). NYC is a true metropolis, through and through, complete with authentic vibrancy of culture and character that Boston has been lacking for me as of late.

I have been trying to break up with Boston for about three years now, and he's a tough cookie to relinquish because he can be very distinctive and genuine. I judge myself the harshest for staying with him this long and to be honest, I know that most of the time, he's doing nothing wrong, just being himself. And you shouldn't be in a relationship to try and change someone, correct?

So I suppose it is a matter of running the relationship to its full course and then moving on from someone, or in this case, some place. Boston means comfort, safety, and offers its inhabitants a lovely place to reside. But this girl has had her fill. She has grown out of this place like a pair of high water slacks (or pants, but I like slacks because that's what my grandmother used to call them). Boston deserves to have someone who will love all that it has to offer and I deserve a city that will excite me, challenge me, and leave me wondering at the end of the day what wondrous adventure I will experience next.


  1. what a lovely and smart thought. i can't wait to see what your next adventure/relationship brings.

  2. I can't wait to see where you end up! If cities are people I've had A LOT of relationships. From my LA (where I was born) to SLO (my sleepy hometown) to Monterey (boarding school) to Switzerland (a beautiful, chic girl) to SF (a cosmopolitan/hippie girl) to NY (a man, I agree) to Morgantown (a hill billy) to...sigh. It's exhausting. At least we're going to be in SF again for three solid years at the very least until John finished law school. I need to be less commitment phobic. Where are you going next missy?!?! xoxooxox katie

  3. I hope that Mr. NYC (or whatever man-city, or woman-city you claim next) is everything that you hope it to be. Boston (and the people in it) will miss you, even if you don't miss him. xo.

  4. This is the most insightful thing I've heard in a while; I love it! I think of cities in an emotional way and connect to them the same. And I'm sure you already know how I feel about Mr. NYC! So, it sounds like that's next for you? Oh, I hope, and I'll live vicariously through you (and maybe even get to see you when I'm up there next!!) xoxo

  5. Boston is a man, isn't he. I loved that. It may be time to move on...just think of all the other places, all the other personalities there are out there.


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