April 8, 2010

Cover Love

I heart She & Him. Their music is light, fun, and revives my spirit whenever I listen to them (case in point: my morning commute improved infinitely with the help of this album). Listening to this duo is like riding your vintage bicycle (in Robin's Egg Blue) through the countryside on a sunny June day as a group of butterflies trail behind you. The Volume Two album is no exception to this feeling. However, what I think I may love most about this album is its fantastic cover art. I don't often purchase actual CDs anymore, but when I was home last weekend, I couldn't resist popping into the bad-ass indie music store, Bull Moose. Lo and behold, Volume Two was on sale and just too cute to pass up!

{The track list and lyrics are printed up like a library card, complete with stamp-like fonts
for the track numbers - all fitting into a library card sleeve!}

Through some Internet and email sleuthing, I discovered that the cover art credit goes to Kate Quinby, a designer for Merge Records (who produced this latest album from She & Him). Come to find out, Kate has a totally rad website Croak & Hum that features her design work. SO AMAZING. Seriously, check it out.

Kate is a 2010 MFA Candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design and her MFA thesis, featured on the site, is a composite of various projects and elements. One of my favorites was a microsite, Methods Employed, where people can submit their methods of work. It's interesting to see how other people accomplish their tasks and it made me stop to think about my own process (my contribution is the "I think and think and think..." one). I also found this little interview with Kate about her design influences, and turns out she also used to work for the design team at Starbucks!

First image found here.


  1. i l-o-v-e she & him, and their album art looks just as darling as their songs! can't wait to pick up the new one! have a great weekend.

  2. I just bought this album too, and LOVE it! It's perfect for spring and summer! I'm so glad you posted Kate's website - that's really cool; her artwork is awesome! Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend!! xoxo

  3. Jeg knuselsker også She & Him. Og hun er simpelthen så fin i (500) Days of Summer.

  4. I heart Zooey and I heart that cover art!

  5. Fab post and I love your blog!

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