March 9, 2010


Pretty blooms at the Museum of Fine Art Boston. We attended a cocktail reception for the MFA's First Fridays series. Snooty drinks and bitty food. Eclectic groups of people amidst some of the world's greatest art. You have the nerdy twenty-somethings who would rather mingle with Renoir and Rembrandt than do Friday night keg stands. You have your forty- and sixty-somethings with their spouses and cerebral friend groups or you have people of the same age group, but single and on the prowl from some art-loving booty. One women attended wearing a long skirt and high-collared riding jacket, her hair in a low bun at the nape of her neck. It was like looking at the ghost of an Edwardian lady. She wandered solo around the room, looking quite sad and a little lost. I wonder of her story.

Saturday presented us with some gorgeous warm weather and sun - a refreshing treat after such chilly times. I opened my window to let in some of that fresh, clean air.

Some small flowers that popped up to say hello!

The Academy Awards feast I prepared: Beet Crostinis with Arugula and Goat Cheese, Salmon Crostinis with Onion Cream Cheese and Dill, Champagne with Raspberries, Cucumber Wontons (not shown), and Chocolate Ice Cream Bon Bons (not shown). Our little group had printed Oscar ballots to guess the winners. I turned out to not be very accurate but it was still fun to escape to Hollywoodland with all its glitz and glamor!


  1. That sounds like a full, fun weekend! I've always wanted to do an Oscar Party - that all looks fabulous! xoxo

  2. your oscar treats look too good to eat! adorable blog title too.

  3. You party looks so fun!! Quite the spread too. Oh and the lace curtains- yes.


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