March 24, 2010


Spring is inching its way towards me.

I think of the Leonardo da Vinci painting, "The Creation of Adam," where the fingertips of God and Adam are just barely touching. That is where spring and I are at this very moment - arms outstretched, fingertips touching, both reaching for that firm grasp and reunion.

I picked up some pretty Irises the other day and put two buds in a little Burleigh pitcher beside my bed. Irises remind me of my mother (a picture of her and me in matching jumpers can be seen behind the pitcher). She adores these blooms, mostly because her favorite color is purple. I have never met someone who owns more items in one color. And this is one of the things I love most about her. She has a love affair with purple - symbolic of her general enthusiasm and passion that inspires me every day. To be honest, my mother is just one incredible woman. To know her is to be given a gift of love and acceptance no matter who you are. I am a blessed daughter.


  1. I hope your mom reads your blog :) That's a sweet little ode to her! (I love your Burleigh pitcher!) xoxo

  2. So sweet! I hope she gets to read these sentiments :)

  3. this post is so cute! i love irises they remind me of my grandmother...

  4. Cute post. Love this time of year!

  5. Darling! I love purple too---I think we'd get along : ) You'd better show your mother this post! Oh and the irises? Lovely! XO Katie


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