December 9, 2009

Paper Heart

{Charlyne Yi and Michael Cera play themselves in Paper Heart}

“We’re not a very patient society so if something goes wrong, and there’s no quick fix, they give up. If you can hang in there, it just gets better.”

Patience has ceased to be a virtue of mine. Well, it was never really a virtue for me. Ask my mother. But it is perhaps because of patience that relationships have so much trouble these days. We think we want that "perfect" person, which is folly. We hold out for something better, impatient with the choices the universe gives us. But what if we took a chance and waited to see how it played out? Would that be better than living without love? Without a true connection? I think so. But sometimes, I don't know.

Paper Heart.
Just rented it. Quite cute, except for Charlyne Yi's monotone, whiney voice that grated on me after a while. I enjoyed her role in the story but I wished that they also had filmed it more from Michael Cera's perspective (some of his lines really made the movie for me). The best part was the paper animation of the love stories Yi learned from her interviews with couples across the country. Impressive and in honor of this artistic achievement, here are some pretty paper hearts I found.

Image found here, here, here, here, and here.

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