October 1, 2009

Little Lights

I have a penchant for little lamps, perhaps because they are a decorating inclination of my mother (both her house and elementary school classroom are sprinkled with small lighting fixtures), but also because they cast such a soft, cozy glow! Growing up, our house was never completely dark for there was also some electric candle burning in a window or one on the corner of the kitchen counter. To be quite frank (I know I am really quite an Emily -- okay, bad joke), I cannot abide overhead lighting -- it gives me a headache and I find it sterile and uninspiring. As we move into the autumnal months, I want to turn off all the overhead lights and start the room a-twinkling with a little lamp here and a little lamp there! Below are some sweet scenes that feature some wonderful uses of little lights:

{A small kerosene lamp on the bureau in Anne's room at Green Gables, PEI}

{A close-up of some sweet little lanterns}

{I love how this wall lamp is tucked under the wall of bookcases -- a perfect reading nook!}

{Little lamps dispersed around the room}

{A petit homage to twinkle lights - like the ethereal blue ones on
Zooey Deschanel's bed in 500 Days of Summer}

Images can be found here, here, here, here (courtesy of Vintage Mint), and here.


  1. I loved everything in that movie. Her hair, her clothes and her apartment. Gorgeous!

  2. first of all, love the name of your blog. second of all, i adore that picture of the reading nook, i need one of those!


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