September 3, 2009

A Cute Boy Who Sings

More gushing on West Side Story! I've been on a huge kick with this amazing musical lately -- listening to both the movie and the 2009 Broadway revival soundtracks over and over again. The cast is a powerhouse of vocal talent that does justice to Bernstein's sweeping score. In particular, I have enjoyed Matt Cavenaugh in the role of Tony. Okay, I will admit that I have a huge crush on Matt not only because he is so handsome, but also because his voice is simply stunning and I think, despite his critics, that he is perfect in the role of Tony with his guileless, all-American charm! I've included two recordings of his songs from the show (you may have to turn up the volume a bit to hear them)! Enjoy his wonderful voice (especially that B flat in "Maria")!

Tony (Matt Cavenaugh) singing "Maria"

Tony (Matt Cavenaugh) singing "Something's Coming"

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