July 2, 2009

Style Icon: Jennifer Garner

{Jennifer Garner in a red Diane Von Furstenberg shirt dress}

Lately, I have been admiring Jennifer Garner's simple, elegant, all-American style. She manages to be both a casual mom and a stunning icon in the fashion world. I admire her for making a tee shirt and sweatpants look stylish and normal in everyday life. She seems to be kind, smart, and just simply herself in a celebrity culture that thrives on the artificial. To me, she strikes a healthy balance in being a strong, yet wholly feminine woman.

{A FABULOUS hair piece worn by Jennifer, InStyle, May 2009}
Images found here and here.


  1. Looove her. Great choice for a style icon.

  2. she is a gorgeous woman- a fine mix of exotic Swiss/German beauty as well as fresh and naturally attractive. a lot of people say she dresses 'frumpy' and is ugly... well sorry unlike Angelina, she isn't obsessed with expensive hair, makeup, and designer gowns to wear for every single red carpet event that is apparently much more important than staying ta home raising her miserable kids, but Jenny obviously prefers to be a good parent with Ben and help him raise happy, healthy kids. I love her as well, and I'm so glad someone else sees her as a style icon.

    check out my beauty/fashion blog (and feel free to follow of course!)- I've done a post on her and like to mention her when I can: atouchofgaminesque.blogspot.com/


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