July 15, 2009

A 20-Something Living Space (Boston-Style)

We are on our way to achieving design nirvana in our apartment (okay, maybe nirvana is extreme, but we've made strides, believe me). I've been so inspired by all the fabulous design blogs I read that I simply had to bring some of that fab influence into my own life. I live in a spacious old apartment with five bedrooms, 2.5 baths, a kitchen, dining room, and living room (I know, I sound like a Century 21 agent). It's a huge space that we've managed to fill quite nicely, but it sometimes feels like a college dorm room. My roommate, Em, and I decided to take the first steps in making it more of a twenty-something, young professional living space that fits our Boston way of life. This style is relaxed, comfortable, perhaps with soft, muted colors that work together for a cohesive look that unpretentious and devoid of flash. Bostonians are clean, precise, and casual. We know what we like, be it the Boston Red Sox, our favorite menu item at Legal Seafood, or the casual, basic style of our living spaces. We're working hard and saving money in a tough economy. We want a place that will offer us peace and ease at the end of a long day and pride in showing that we have moved up from our college experiences.

Em and I concocted a list of what we would like to accomplish in each room of the apartment, including our bedrooms, and then it was time to make a pilgrimage to Ikea! Our plan was to purchase a "starter" batch of goodies to make our apartment look spectacular! Overall, we spent just under $300 and came away with some fine stuff! The picture above is the living room, which is essentially finished except for the hanging of a few black picture frames on the wall behind the TV. The most crucial piece was to buy long sheer curtains (a set of two panels for $10) for the large windows that overlook Beacon street. The close proximity and size of the windows makes you feel like you are outside (a second best to having a porch), especially when one flings them wide open. The sheer cotton curtains enhance the airiness afforded by the windows and give dimension to the room.

We also picked out throw pillows for the furniture. For the baby blue couch, we chose some square pillows with brown, grey, and beige polka dots . Fun, but not too girly for the sake of Tad, our one male roommate (bless him). We also found some giant light beige pillows with a corduroy texture for the cushy dark brown sofa. For the walls, Em had a sizable black frame that we filled with a brown-tinted beach photograph. We plan to fill the rest of the frames with roommate pictures and put them on the bare wall behind the television. Special mention must be given to a fluffy cream throw that Em found and put on the blue-grey recliner in the corner. It looks great next to the floor lamp with a new natural-colored lamp shade (it replaces a bright red velvet shade that competed with the color flow of the room).

We still have the foyer, the dining room, the kitchen, and our bedrooms to finish. I will post more on them as they near completion. I am very excited that Ingrid will give an original painting to put above the fireplace in the foyer, which will be a stunning way to greet our guests!

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  1. I love a good revamp, and am so excited to make our space more cohesive and sophistocated. It already looks so much better, nice work Emilys! I'm excited to do my part.


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