June 18, 2009

The New Marginalian

Welcome to The {new} Marginalian! There was something decidedly wrong with my original blog, something in the HTML code that I and our resident blogging and gadget extraordinaire, Zach, could not diagnose. I considered migrating to WordPress, but in the end, I think that platform is too advanced for my yet-to-be-fully-developed blogging intelligence. I finally fixed/learned about some blogging features that were giving me problems. I've seen so many cool features in the other blogs I read, which inspired me to fix my own blog up in a pretty way. I'm still working on it, but I think it's in fine shape for me to share with my friends!


  1. Nice new blog, love the pics etc. Also, because of your blog issue, I hadn't seen any of your recent previous blogs. About voter apathy, I think our ballots are so large, long, wordy, and complex with so many positions to vote for voters get overwhelmed. Not sure what the ballot in Iran looks like, but seems like it might just be one vote for one person, head of Iran.

  2. love the pic on your banner... :)


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