May 19, 2009

La maison de mes rêves

If I ever have the means to buy/build a house, I would hope that it looks like this beautiful home from the 1998 film Stepmom (sad movie, awesome house):

or this sweet cottage (a perfect honeymooner's haven):

I would like my bedroom to look like this room with its soothing blue and brown tones (check out the cool wallpaper headboard):
This bedroom is also stunning in the various shades of whites and off-whites (not boring at all):
I would cook delectable delicacies in a kitchen like this one (also from Stepmom):

We'll eat the fruits of our labors in this spacious dining room (the fireplace is a must-have):

My house will definitely have a dark and cozy library, where my family and I can snuggle up and enjoy our favorite reads:

I LOVE the colors (lime green and warm reds) used in this living room as well as the mix of modern and classical:

How amazingly bright and airy is this bathroom? I must have lots of windows and bright colors in my bathroom:
Images found here, here, here, and here.

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