May 27, 2009

Collier Du Jour

Accessories can be the soul of a woman's wardrobe. If they are the right accessories, that is. In a few weeks, I am volunteering at a gala and require the perfect accessory, a necklace, to compliment the plunging neckline of my dress. I simply adore the look that Nicole Kidman wore to the Academy Awards in 2008. However, her necklace is a 1,399-carat diamond necklace designed by L'Wren Scott that wraps so enchantingly around her neck and costs more than my bank account will ever encounter. Using Nicole's look as my muse, I think I found some fashionable alternatives that could match nicely with the olive green of my dress.

1.) Long necklace in multicolor stones from Infinity Jewelry Club on Etsy.
2.) Garnets and Silver Ring Necklace, DutchTouch Beads, Etsy
3.) Chain of mixed agates with geode pendant, mayaruhi, Etsy
4.) Saffron Necklace, Francesca's Collections
Image of Nicole Kidman can be found here.


  1. Hey Emily,

    Thanks for considering the chain of agates! ;) When is you gala event?


  2. It was actually this past weekend :( I ended up wearing a necklace that I already had. But I will keep your shop in mind for future events that I have to accessorize!


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