February 5, 2009

Things I Am Jazzed About!

1. That I have rid myself of credit card debt(for now).

2. That I see some of my favorite people in less than a week in city not located in the frigid barrens of New England.

3. That I am reading two excellent books: one on the history of immigration in America and Easter Parade by Richard Yates (of Revolutionary Road fame).

4. My new cookbook, Nigella Express, quick recipes by the fun and innovative chef, Nigella Lawson.

5. Not living in Syracuse, NY, surrounded by the sad, mean people who are my extended family.

6. The temptation of buying this lip scrub.

7. That it will be warmer next week with the slight possibility that I may be able to run outside again!

8. That God and Jon Stewart gave us Gitmo.

9. That my stomach is no longer taking a Stalin-like approach to digestion.

10. That I am tall and my arms are long enough to reach the high bar on the T. Shortness combined with my solid lack of balance would be a public transportation disaster.

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