July 8, 2012

The Good

One of my favorite past times in DC is to walk across the Francis Scott Key Bridge from Rosslyn, VA, to Georgetown, DC.  You can see the Monument, the Watergate, and Roosevelt Island.  You will also experience low-flying planes on their way to Reagan. Georgetown in all its snootiness didn't want a Metro stop within it's superior borders so the only way to get there by public transportation (besides by bus) is to take the Metro to Rosslyn or Foggy Bottom (in DC) and walk a bit to get to M Street (the Park Avenue/Newbury Street equivalent for DC). 

Much to my dismay, I have not inherited my mother's green thumb.  I kill most plants I bring into my apartment. However, these two - a basil plant and pretty succulent - are still around and doing pretty well. I guess I am growing up after all. Yeah, right.

I noticed sunsets here more than any other place I have lived. Maybe that's because I live on the tenth floor and have an incredible view of the sky. This also the land of roof decks. Most of my friends have them here and during these warm days, I have been lucky to have spent many an evening lazing about various roof patios and eating an insane amount of ridiculously delicious food.

One of the things I love most about him is how serious and intellectual he can be. From what the future holds to what type of hot sauce to choose. Seriously, he should be a professional taste tester just for the awesomely intense face he makes when he's trying a new type of food.

My future haunt. I visited here a few weeks ago and was thrilled to walk on these hallowed grounds. I still cannot quite believe that this is all happening. The mere thought of being here is like a warm, energizing elixir to my wandering spirit. More updates to follow in a few weeks!

Quite frankly, the best margaritas I have ever made. Well, that WE made on the Fourth. Although the headache I had the next morning was quite frankly the worst one I have ever had. Just not the girl I was at 22.

I like us.

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