March 1, 2010

The Nasty Plate

My heart goes out to the Chilean people and all who have suffered from the aftermath of the earthquakes in Chile over the weekend. Such incredible natural disasters our Earth has suffered as of late. Our lives sometimes seem more and more like fragile entities at the mercy of Mother Nature. Above you will find a tectonic map of the Earth, which gives context to what happened in Chile. This South American country sits on the fault line of the Nazca plate. In my college geology class, we called that plate the "nasty" plate because so many terrible earthquakes occur along that fault line. That area is also part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, where volcanoes and earthquakes occur frequently. Just a little morning geology lesson for you all! I think another life I would have been a geologist or an astronomer (Contact, anyone?). If only I was better at math...

Image found here.

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