December 2, 2009

The British Accent

{The Dashwood sisters - all with enviable British accents
in the 1994 film Sense and Sensibility}

Do you ever hear a voice or accent and think, "I wish my voice sounded that way?" Or hear a voice and feel like you are home. My home and comfort lies with the British accent. Oh, how I wish that I one! I can do a fairly good one but I always feel like a poser. While I was studying abroad in England, my poetry tutor told me that I seemed more British that himself - as I would always arrive to class with my "wellies," a pale blue trench, a copy of The Guardian, and a piping hot thermos of tea! I've been thinking a lot about England lately - how much I miss it. How I long to be back there, hearing that gorgeous accent (we'll leaved the Cockney and Northern English accents off that list) once more. I know that I will live there again - now it's just a matter of figuring out how to accomplish that dream! Below is an NPR recording of British author Neil Gaiman - hearing his voice inspired me to write this post! Also, the segment on reading for audio books is worth a listen!

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  1. I love British accents! My mother has a slight one...and my bff is Scottish, so I've spent a lot of time around that acent. Love it.

  2. oh i could see you thriving in england!

    i just watched the holiday (for like the fifth time? how is it so good every.single.time?!?) and fell for jude law AGAIN. my GOD, his accent + his face + his charm... it's irresistible!


  3. Yes, the British accent seems to bring instant credibility to anyone. People simply sound more intelligent even when they're saying the most common, everyday things. I agree it would be very cool to have an accent like that.


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