August 28, 2009

What was just a world is a star!

West Side Story is my favorite Broadway musical -- Leonard Bernstein's music is so incredibly moving. It touches some place in my soul and brings it to life whenever I listen to the sweeping melodies. These songs affirm my belief in the possibility of true love and the euphoria you feel when you first meet that certain someone and begin a beautiful descent into rapture. I am thrilled that there is a revival of the original 1957 production running on Broadway. I plan to travel to NYC to see it this fall. I've listened to the soundtrack of the new production and, while it does not reach the standard of the 1961 film soundtrack, I have fallen in love with the new Tony's voice (played by Matt Cavenaugh), which reminds me of older times -- a voice from the 1950s that is classic and full of sincerity (I literally melt every time I listen to "Something's Coming" or "Maria). The cast of the revival performed "Dance At The Gym" at the 2009 Tony Awards, a stellar performance that has to be shared with my friends!

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