March 19, 2009

Fashion-tastic: Floral Dresses + Black Tights

I have noticed a style trend rising in the past few months that I absolutely adore: knee-length floral dresses and black tights. There is something about the contrast between the brightly colored dresses against clean darkness of the tights that pleases my aesthetic eye. The black bows to the beauty of the florals, serving as a frame for this ode to spring. Paired with some brightly colored ballet flats (my preference) or pumps, this outfit is a pure knockout for upcoming spring events.

I was first introduced to the trend by Jennifer Aniston, seen here at the premiere of Marley & Me in Paris in January (Picture from Us Magazine).

Source: Us Magazine
Next, I found a picture of Sienna Miller sporting a similar ensemble during a night out on the town in London. My own "less expensive" version of this outfit will hopefully be achieved by the purchase of this dress from Old Navy. Anyone that knows me well understands my love of tights and the fact that I own SEVERAL black pairs to complete this soigne outfit for early spring!

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